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Clothing the bonnet

Because I will most likely be putting the storage box on the front end of the roofrack, I will be using the bonnet more as my needed stand for loading and unloading equipment. Now to make sure im spreading the weight and not damaging the bonnet, I cut an aluminum plate in shape and added it to the bonnet.

The result…
To get access to the roof storage box.

New addition to the backend

Today I considered the amount of fuel Hermes will be using to bring me around the 6500 +kms on the Norway trip. Is a little stagering that i will be burning up to 700 liters of diesel. Thats is quite the amount.

Now when I then consider the 38 liter tank and the distances on a day, i wanted to make sure I can at least do 450 kms a say on one tanking. Yes the numbers wont add up on just the fuel tank. So i had to add another 20 liters to the current measurement.

The result adding a 20 liter lockable Jerrycan to the back. so I was iff to the local suppoier for some nuts and bolts. I allready had the Jerrycan and the accompanying bracket. Drill at the ready and pushing through the outer shell. The bolting the bracket with anti leak washers. Result is nice and solid see picture.

Yes its also lockable and easy to lift the extra 20 kilos of diesel.

First Drone Launch

Yes it did happen today. My first Drone launch.

Had to get my first exams on Drone theory was completed the morning and in the afternoon I launched the first time on a local spot nearby. Once I had the Drone back down and downloaded the footage some more juggling took place to get the first publication launched and published on my new Youtube channel. (Subscribe please)

So far the link to the first launch is private and can only be shared by me to others or accesed through this blog. so here ya go on the first Launch.

New start for this year

Hello welcome to my renewed site. it was about time I started sending more of my presence into the digital world again. For now the site will mainly be aimed for use of my 2022 Norwegian trip.

Keep checking in on preparation updated which will follow…