So close…

The date is now rubber stamped, the last preparations are arranged and the passage from Denmark to Norway has been booked.

Monday 4th of July I will be starting Hermes for it’s long and hopefully flawless journey to Norway. It will have to cover some 7000 Kilometers over a period of 6 weeks passing Fjords, Villages, Stream, Waterfalls, Nature Parks and hopefully giving way to some local widlife like reindeer, Moose, possibly wolf and lots of birds of prey and other wild life. Word is that otters and other animals are no exception either, so I’ll keep a sharp eye with a camera at hand to shoot what i can find on Digital Cards.

You can have an overview of the trip planned on the Myrouteapp site. I will attempt to have the track log updated as much as I can and send updates tought there as well.

Spare parts are in the top bunk, gear and additional helping tools are stored as well. Mechanically Hermes is now fully set and may only need some adjusting on the brake balances underway. The last things I have done recently was replacing the spring leaves with parabolic springs with new shockers on the front end. Last test rides make it a very smooth and comfy companion to have on a trip like this, so i am very happy as to how it now rides.

I do have one concern that is possibly makeing me need to cut the trip short and thats Fuel consumption and pricing. The old boy uses quite a bit of fuel when running only rewarding me 5 to 6 kilometers per liter. In it sefl that shoudl not be mch f an issue as this is an old-timer and could be expected. I did work on the consumption by reducing lag in the drive train and on the brakes. adding the wight of the cargo to it results in that consumption rate.

The second part of the concern is the fuel pricing levels in Norway. Norway in itself is not a cheap country to start with and one would say that it generates the fuel itself. Yes it does, however it rewards the profits back to the populous back by an incredibly well settled pension plan for Norwegians. This results in expensive fuel prices ranging at this time form €2,20 to €2,70 per liter of Diesel. Taking that into account and the consumption the result is a staggering €3200 on average on fuel for the entire trip not including ferryes and tolls. If the prices go up or the consumption is not in favor, this amount will rise quickly to a point where I will have to decide to make a turn back cutting some parts of the trip out. I allready have a plan B available but prefer of cours to not have to use that.

During the trip I will attempt to make a report of my venture with a Full frame Camera, my Drone and a Vlog camera to see if i can keep you updated on the events we will experience. Keep looking at this site and I wil regularly send links here to my Youtube Channel where the publishing of my videos will take place. See my video about the prepared vehicle Hermes here.

Will there be some issues? Of course there will be! That’s part of travel and the adventure of wild camping in Norway. Getting that full experience is part of the entire intent of off-setting one’s mind from the current reality to a new experience. It s only to be lived and learn form it again. As many many Landrover drivers state..

One Life, Live it…