Post trip improvements

Well as always after evaluation of things on Hermes, a few upgrades needed to be done. one of which was the lack of table space when relaxing so i needed to be creative again and develop something to install easily and cheap. A year or so back I had found a few raster frames of steel and decided by then to have them stored. Now they were of good use and I took a grinder to cut one up for some base material.

Easy removal on a single nut and still elegant and practical.
It doesnt take much space and can be removed when needed.

Then once the table was done it was easy fitting for a door grate to keep the dogs in even when having the door open while waiting for things like ferries or other moments where getting the men out is not the best option or even allowed.

Also easily installed and stored against the roof lining during transport.

What’s the next improvement? I don’t know yet. But there is a little list I want to get done. Keep following the blog for further updates.