The second day passing Germany

Things that keep me busy so far… getting my spare tire fixed again now in a little town called Gluckstadt. Crossing the Elbe on the ferry isn’t cheap, a total of €12 for a 15 minute crossing surely pays for itself. The view was nice though with sun shimmering over the water as we crossed over.

I was a little concerned about the service battery. It wasn’t getting any charge and so I couldn’t turn the cooler on. I peeked under the hood when we crossed the Elbe and found a loose wire. It was quickly fixed by replacing the connector and reattaching the wire. Started the engine and waited 20 seconds. Yes…full charge again. Turned up the cooler and ready am feeling it getting colder.

After a full day of driving to get on track, found a nice spot behind a parking at Thorsminde Denmark. The boys are chilling on the sand while I prepare food.