Another recap (3rd one)

And now time for the third review of the status to see how far we have gone on fuel consumption and costs again.

  • 26th July 23 days in
  • From 2353 to 3305 to 5206 kms driven from departure
  • From 307 to 449 to 683 liters of diesel burned
  • From €719 to €1050 to €1610 spent on diesel
  • Fuel efficiency from 1l diesel at 7,94 kms to 7,54 kms to 7,66 kms
  • From €0,30 to €0,32 to €0,32 on the km on costs
  • Estimated end total from €2145 to €2572 to €2364
  • Milestone: passed the arctic circle again and bought presents!

Reasons for the these last delta’s is that the brakes have stayed stable the only addition to the costs was the unforeseen operation for Boes’ paw which added another dent of €800 in the budget.

Total costs so far estimated at €4839. Yeah Norway is expensive.