Day 11 Island hopping and BANG!

A chilling and wet start today, i had put Hermes’ back in the wind later I realized it was not the best idea for two reasons. 1) the back door top seal doesn’t close properly and needs some addition anti draft strip. Tonight the wind was pushing in taking the temperature out of the cabin. 2) the view outside when in the hammock and waking up is better on the right side when it faces the scenery. Things learned again.

I am a little concerned about big boys Boes’ paw. He has damaged one if his toes when jumping in and its a little swollen. I’m allready putting some pain relief on it, hope that swelling shrinks soon.

Today will be a wet one says the forecast and on the coast anything goes so we will have to seen when passing the islands.

When things go Bang! Yup it happened. The rear differential has broken a tooth and rear drive won’t work. I can drive in 4wheel mode but the probability of damaging the differential further exists. So to limit further damages I called road service to see if Hermes can be transported over to Trondheim which is 44 km from my location where a Landrover dealership is present. I can only hope they do repairs too.

Going for a free ride…

Well it was not going to be Trondheim. Transport alone would have given me another €400 to pay for, so it turned out that a little further up the road was the little town of Åfjord (prenounced Oksfjord).

I was taken there by the local garage man who helped me get setup with a first analysis. The result was a broken left pin axle as the origin of the troubles. We had hopes that by taking out the axle and leaving it out, the main drive would still be in place. So after some three hours since the incident I went for a drive seemingly happy I could move on.

Pretty flower eh? If only it wasn’t a busted axle.

It isn’t meant to be cause after two kilometers away the rear differential started making hard sound as if it was trying to grip on the right wheel. So we stopped again and went back to the garage. Taking out the main drive axle was not gonna work so the only option was to go on a search for a replacement axle to the left.

After a few phone calls by the engineers I was told there could be an axle near Trondheim in a local landrover club and I was to expect a call from that person. He was gonna bring the axle over then to help the landrover family out. So while waiting for that call I am considering the options available budget wise.

Theres two plans now that are possible. The first is to go on after repairs and try for a shorter route with less budget available and really squeezing the budget or the second option is to head to Trondheim to have a few days there and slowly start making my way back down. I’ll be deciding tomorrow.

For tonight I’ve booked a camping close to the garage for €30 a night to have at least a good shower and a good meal.