Day 13 Gorgeous views and another issue

Days seem to be balanced good and bad day by day. Yesterday night before doing a little walk with the boys I twisted my knee and I feel one of my ligaments is acting up. I’vee been rolling in the hamlock all night just to be comfortable with an aching knee. Using the coupling on the drive is a little painful still after a painkiller. I’ll have to be careful today to not overstep and cause more issue due to lack of sleep.

Spot for a drive break

Lucky on the weather today. It was supposed to rain and so far its been dry and even sunny at moments. (knocks on wood) Hoping it will remain, much more pleasant to watch the scenery.

Yes! A moose at the side of the road although they can be quite an issue when on the road this one was luckily separated by a moat and a fence. Still cool to see for the first time it was not a very big one must have been younger, but it was eating and observing all these tin cans flying by his view.

Regular view in this part of Norway

Still not decided on pushing through or not, it seems my view these days change by the day. I had a look at the forecast on the Lofoten next week and week after and it seems it will be very good. So very tempted to still do the crossing now and will have to cross in the middle of the night. All car slots are taken except for the very long one of 6 hours and 45 minutes. Or the short one at 3:15 in the morning which only takes 3 hours and 15 minutes.

I would have to talk to my little girl who I spoke to today. I have good arguments to do it still cause I’m nearly a week ahead of schedule and in that also saving a week of costs. Hermes runs more fuel efficient as well and I have hopes I have my share of holiday incidents. I’m also planning on cutting short some 700 kilometers because a certain tunnel up north has been closed and by that closing that gorgeous route is was aiming for. So in all I would likely be a week or even more home earlier and still can do 90% of the planned route.

On the other hand I am also missing my girl a lot and would live to have her close, I also had talked with her about coming back earlier and she lit up like fireworks. Disappointing her now by telling her I go on would be a harsh moment for her. So its heart versus mind. Passion versus compassion. Which will it be..

Limping through the day wasn’t so bad, only a few times did we leave the car. It did remind me of taking the vitamins and the old man miracle called Magnesium.

The overnight is at a quiet spot with lots of birds in a marsh like area. A cattle grate in the road is something to get used to with passing cars.