Day 15 Landing on the Lofoten

The departure was kinda interesting, apparently the shortage of people to work the jobs has hit the ferry services as well. The 22:30 departure was canceled due to lack of people to handle it. The reserved spots go first when loading the boat so that would be two ferry rides. So anyone not having reserved a spot would have to wait and queue with the others that havent reserved on the next ferry. We boarded in time after a nap in the queue and then slept some more n the boat. The boys did very well in the back and were just sleeping in the same spot i left them. I think they havent even moved.

Th first welcoming view of the majestic islands

So today i have decided to spend some time on the parking at Å and do some sight seeing, spending time with the boys and some reading and napping. It will be a rainy day according to the forecast so there would be no fun in roaming the island anyway. The sun has come out in he morning so we will see how the day goes.

Village called Ä (prenounced Ôkk) shortest named village in Norway

Did a nice little walk in Ä which was very charming as a small fishing village al though its being a touristic site and the only use of the old houses is exposition or renting of newer versions. So it does have some authenticity and is well occupied by seagulls.

Gull residence and I thought Zandvoort was bad.

Reine was not much of a surprise being a tourist attraction as well and I feel its a little overblown. I did get to tank up water and fuel but moved on as it didn’t look very charming in the rain anyway.

Fredvang Strand og Skjærgårdscamping is what my treat is called. it’s a camping on a northern facing little bay on the arrival island. Cleaning all household stuff again and housekeeping the car making sure the stench if three old men flies out the lair. Bought a play chicken for little Nestor the other day and he is utterly happy with it playing in the grass. Big boy Boes is on his long leash line. because of the large amount of space we have around the car. So he is enjoying the now dry weather and cool winds too.

View out the back of Hermes today

Today the sun will be setting at 01:05 and will be rising again 16 minutes later. Its astonishing to have this midsummer’s experience above the polar circle. I might just be waiting for that moment.

The sun stroking the Lofoten mountains