Day 16 Sunshine beach and magic

It was predicted to come and it did about an hour after we started driving. Sun on the Lofoten we set out to the escape of tourism and made a good effort. Following the E10 is a little standard it seems, but then the further you get up the islands the relaxer it gets too, less and less campers along the way.

So many gorgeous images

The views are amazing around every turn. And the stops are more frequent now to make sure there is enough to brag about later. The pocket has been recording some road travel and the drone has been shooting some panoramic views. The Canon has also been working on some stills so there will plenty to choose from for a collage later.

Boes got some beach time in and he was enjoying that a lot.

The drive amongst the majestic sights just kept me stopping regularly to take out the drone and have a flight around. The impressions just kept coming and regular take offs were needed.

More wide views kept coming
Tonights meal is spaghetti Bolognese with wine from Tuscany