Day 17

We woke up with sunshine breaking through early in the morning (yes that is at 01:55 already). Early walk with the boys then tanking up and off we go again.

I decided to go check for a vet to have a look at Boes’ toe. It’s not getting better it looks like. So googling the location quickly got me a vet close by and was only a short drive out. Arriving there i heard that their schedule was packed and that the assistent could have a quick look. She pointed me to Harstad which was my most top destination on the modified trip. Unfortunately the toe nail has to come off and Boes probably needed a short sleep for it. Will have to see how that goes and if I can take him with me, when he is still sleeping of his hangover. So hopefully Boes will start to feel better by the end of the day.

Another crossing in beautiful sunny weather this time heading to Harstad

The ride to Harstad was another charming ride in the sun watching at the hills, tranquil water and warm with hardly any wind. These are unusual days here in the Lofoten I am told so I best make the most of it. Waiting in the sun for the vet appointment is no punishment of course.

Ok first assessment in Boes’ paw looks like a fracture of sorts and an infected toe. The nail would have to be removed and the costs of holiday got another €600 hit with X-rays taken and the operation. Then he would have to be wearing a bandage and we would have to be back tomorrow for new assessment. Just hope the big boy doesn’t feel any more pain when its recovered which looks like it will be a few weeks.

More news on big boy Boes. They had to remove his nail thankfully he was fully sedated and is just waring a bandage right now. Coming weeks he will get the extra attention from daddy to his paw with a huge doze of anti biotics. Also i received some extra painkillers for him to give him some comfort. Yeah the bill flew up €820 from the holiday budget so it will be a quick return home from here with little deviations.

In the mean time some distraction on the bonnet to leave this day behind us and have a check tomorrow at 14:00 then off we go again for the ride back home. Had not expected the top point of the trip to be the veterinarian visit but then which holiday is the same?

Chilling with a series