Day 18 Last check and heading south

We had a perfect location for an overnight found on the park4night app. Even though it was sleeping on a large gravel parking lot it was still very still and relaxing with a large forrest near where lots of Norwegians have their physical workouts. It had walking routes up to 40 km out.

Lots of tracks to have fun with waling, running, All terrein Biking and there are even some ski slopes .

I have noticed how active the Norwegians can be. Yes, they also have an obese populations but apparently that is common in our commercial world. Kayaking, canoeing, trail walks, running, climbing and the list goes on. They can be an example I think of a healthy outdoor life. Of course they do have the perfect surrounding for it with plenty of woods mountains, rapid waters etc.

There is a reason why most olympian winter awards on skying for instance are Norwegian. The northmen consider three to four months of snow free soil a summer period little more south and the dry soil from rain is the new standard but of course they also do still get lots of snow.

Breakfast often is made of “hard bread” and the selection of it is diverse from small pack to family packs

The breakfast food is diverse with of course lots of knäckebröd and a wide selection of tubed cheese with extras added like ham, salami, shrimp and even hot chili. Also the selection of porridge for the mornings is wide and often eaten as a morning starter. No wonder they have so much energy in a day, plenty or carbons to burn.

Snack and fast food is a little more expensive were we to buy a bbq bacon at burgerking in Nl we would pays some €4 here it is double that prize. Yup, 8€ for a single burger. The meals vary from at least €11 up and higher so it is wise to get your cooking done yourselves.

Groceries in general are more expensive, on the basis you can add from 15% up to 80%. This is dependent on what is Norwegian produce and what is shipped in. Remember that this country is covered in snow for most of the year and only can provide fresh stuff in the south where there is limited soil. All other things need to be imported hence the higher prizes.

As a reference for services i have experienced the veterinarian costs as all, a normal consult would cost me up to €38 up here that’s quickly €80. No wonder they can pay these grocery prizes.

During a little coffee break

Tonights sleep over is at a road service station for trucks. It had a nice coop and god wifi which helped me secure the fotos and film again to the cloud making sure I have it all secured. It’s a little noisy during the day but doable at night.