Day 19 Getting past the mid section

Treated by boy againthis

Morning with his antibiotics and painkiller so he will have a comfy ride today. As a reward I get a loving glance when he basks a few moments in the morning sun while the little man is eating his breakfast.

So today will be a day of making some easy distance south on an easy ride with some music i was able to download again with some wifi connectivity.

Another one of those stop I needed to shoot on the phone and the drone

I forgot we were to cross the mountains as well so Hermes had some work to be done but he was rewarded with a nice sticker of certification for being an Arctic traveler. On the stop I also enjoyed a reindeer meat baguette. It was very enjoyable and I can recommend it when in the region.

We crossed the polar circle the second time today. This time there was a clear marker

During the search for our overnight Google Maps directed me to a backroad which I gladly turned into. Ar first we were treated with a very nice rapid stream to watch and it was good had brought a large shepherd stick cause with my twisted knee the descent to it would not have been possible.

Awesome close to that flow

Driving that back road I had to enable the 4×4 drive because of loose gravel and rock and steep climbs and descends. It was fun feeling the might of the drive on all wheels, how easy Hermes climbed through them was amazing. It almost felt as if he was saying “no worries boss, I’ve done this all my life”.

Steady tranquil flow helped me to sleep tight

We ended up on a nice campsite near a larger slower flowing stream with a good campsite and no traffic close by. So cooking was spaghetti carbonara time and with a nice whiskey a deep snore arrived soon after.