Day 20 Halfway down meeting some landrover family

An easy start again with a little early wake up and a dog walk, then back into the cocoon to catch some extra zzzs.

Off we went again to hit the track. Yesterday I had a review of the travel plan and found destination Trondheim quite doable. So the target for the day was set. The reason for the longer distance was a landrover gathering by the Norwegian Land Rover Klubbe It was good to see some of the other types of Landrover even two series I oldies.

The location was a camping in Øysand near Trondheim with a beach close to park at for the night. Then after dinner it was off to have a chat with the folks in the club and see what their strong stories are like.

Had a fun night accompanied by new friends from the landrover family in Norway eating laughter and a hilarious auction of junk. Was a good day ending with a nice sunset on a beach overlooking a fjord once more.

Finally a sunset again announcing a little darkness after the very short nights with one hour of sundown as the shortest I have ever experienced