Day 21 Wake up with Chet Baker

Waking up today was easy with a good morning sun and relaxed dogs still snoring while opening the back door and seeing Landrovers in every angle. It’s been a good night and the wether looks bright this morning.

Thought a little color on the roof would be suiting

A little walk along the nearby fields with the boys and then starting some easy Chet Baker to prepare breakfast and some brewed coffee. out with the map again and discussed a route to be taken n our trip down. A few interesting spots were pointed out with viewpoints and a nice wild camping location in the woods. So it wont be as long a drive as yesterday but stil another 220km more south.

Sometimes I wonder why people have so little respect for another being. A motor cyclist was indicating I was a jerk driving my old Hermes on an 80 kilometers per hour road with 75 on the GPS speedometer. OK, I CAN be a jerk say some people, but today i left the jerk in the bag. This selfish idiot apparently doesn’t realize 80 is NOT a minimum to drive but a maximum. So a lifted finger waved back at him and I held my speed making sure Hermes would still make it to the end of the day.

Found the gorgeous forrest spot as was indicated. We were welcomed with some nice sun peeking at what I was doing.
After some cooking and eating a nice beef stew it was time to enjoy the utter silence in this forrest and enjoy some reading waiting for possible animals to make themselves heard.