Day 23 Golden fields and the Skagerak

Making our way towards our departure from Norway today. Larvik is another two hours drive which is easily manageable as we are checking in as off 15:00 most likely.

So driving down the last country roads shows us the golden barley fields of agriculture in the south set in contrast with greener unmatured fields and the diversity of animal farms close by. It is yet another impression of Norway which shows me just how diverse this country is.

Golden fields to give the last insight

I have met several very interesting people during this trip and that’s always a good refresher on world views. Different lifestyles, views of life and stories to tell. They all enrich the experience if traveling to me. Not only the travel sights and food, colors or smells but also the culture, language smiles of people make a trip like this worth it.

Each has its own reasons of course for traveling Norway. Most do it to experience Norway others to visit family or on business. Some locations on this country are now clearly very touristic like the Trollstigen where you are met in the souvenir shop by teenagers working their holiday pay by selling little trolls. Or on Reine on the Lofoten where all parking locations ask for a hefty fee and hardly any wild camping sport can be found south or close to the ferry landing in Moskenes.

Talked to a traveler who had sold all his businesses and was retired now doing a test run of some 15000km in a big MAN converted truck. He had a large rig giving him 3 weeks of independence. Having two full tanks of diesel would get him some 3300 km at a cost of €1 per km. And here I was thinking my ride was expensive. His plan was to do the middle east and beyond. Interesting like minded man with good coffee and stories.

Of course it can only be expected when this country has so much to offer in it’s variety. The tastes of the meals, the smells of old fishermans houses, dryfalling beaches and an infinite variety of flowers and wood smells.

Traffic jam off the boat

The boarding of the boat took a little while with some 2000 vehicles being moved around . On top of that were told there’d be an hour delay. The boys were set up with comfy sleeping spot, some wAter and some music. So it was off to find the buffet.