Day 3 Last of Denmark for now

After a very relaxing sleep on that remote hide out we were woken by rabbits wind and birds. peacefull waking and a relaxed walk around the area to have the boys do their thing. A little breakfast and soon we were on our way again.

I am impressed with the top west coast of Denmark. A passage way behind the coastline leads us along a very nice marsh area with a large inner lake which stretches some 30 kilometers in total. Excellent views with lovely fluffy clouds guide us through the area to a ferry crossing between Thyborøn and Agger. Its not the cheapest with €15 but its worth the continued trip through the area which now adds small hill areas and otter refuges where you can have a break. And so I made coffee and had some chill time with the boys.

Another couple of miles of lovely country side and a little tiredness is just in time for us to stop a moment at Hansholm the most north western tip of Denmark. Nice 35kph winds show a cool ocean and a lookout point reminds of historic war pasts with an old gun guarding the harbor.

Finally around 15:00 we have reached the destination of the day, Hirthals. It is our departure point for tomorrow’s crossing to Norway. I found a very nice overnight spot at the beach and will be rising early tomorrow for check-in at the ferry. So for now its relaxing with some reading and a little nap after food. The wind is pushing well enough to keep any traffic noises our from the busy harbor. So it will be a goodnights rest in preparation of tomorrow’s new events.

Overnight on the beach at Hirthals Denmark