Day 6 towards Odda and beyond

Last night’s sleep was interrupted because of some unexpected cold. Fortunately a pair of warm socks and another warm blanket did the trick and almost overslept the bakers opening time for fresh warm rolls. Soon after preparing breakfast and tossing out the garbage we were on our way again heading to Odda with todays destination Aurland.

After only some 30 minutes this showed up as a nice surprise.

Driving the road numbered 13 has been magical in itself this road is a long cross over the land like a scar in the landscape but the views and experiences on this route are very divers and has something for everyone to gaze at from the natural waterfalls to the well constructed tunneling systems. An occasional ferry passage sets one down to earth looking at the majestic size of the fjords. Someone said large? I call them huge!

The boys are doing well and are having some frequent naps in nature. Boes is struggling a little with a hurt toe, but im sure he will get through it. He is as easy going as can be and gets frequent cuddles from dad.

I’ve set out my self made awning pipes today and it helps me shelter while cooking when a little drizzle tends to come down all the time like today. Don’t mind the angle of the car its on a little down slope to one side. Thankfully I have a hammock to sleep in and am not worried about rolling to one side.

So a nice day in all and had an early stop at around 17:00 for now its finishing this report, cleaning up and chilling with a nice read. Tomorrow will likely be a drone day with good forecast ahead and a perfect location to shoot some delicious video.