Day 7 From source to result

Last night I got lucky, a policewoman stopped with her car next to mine telling me I was in a pedestrians area. Acting all surprised she gave me leniency and asked what time in the morning I was going to leave. When I told her it was my plan at seven she told me she didn’t say it was ok and left. I was temped to offer a drink in gratitude but decided otherwise. Later that night I was suprised by some noisy Belgian campers who had decided the same spot for their overnight. I did sleep wel and was up at 6. So i rewarded the Belgians consideration for other people around with starting the Landrover early and making plenty of revs driving off to a day with good weather and a steep climb to the Fjords peeks.

Morning sun on the face if a quiet Fjord. Delicious wake up.

Happy to reach the outlook point of Stegastein early in the morning with an easy slow climb and not meeting any traffic coming down only some sheep looking at that strange coffee machine on wheels bothering them to step aside.

Gorgeous views on that outlook made me take out the drone and spend an hour filming al kinds of shots. They can be seen later on the youtube channel. People came up to me to ask me for a copy of the footage, so I pointed them to the Youtube channel and explained it would be a week before it was all download worthy. Should I change jobs and start a drone footage company? Ah no… I already have one.

Further beyond the lookout i had a surprise waiting for big boy Boes. I know he loves snow so I let him spend some time on it.

Up on that plain the views were even better with ice, streams and tundra like grounds. I was stopping every 100 meters or so to catch yet another view of one of the sources of the waterfalls. Again the drone was out of the bag and it got some awesome footage which I’ll publish later after a few edits.

Following the stream of ever growing water into rapids all the way down to the fjord base was welcomed by some more sun as was predicted.

The team of musketiers has been doing well, the dogs are well settled in the new day routine of waking early, grabbing food after a walk and then snoring and farting in the back while the man drives them around in the bumper car. They are lovely to see together. The little guy often now cuddles up to the big boy for some heat especially at night.

Ouch the trouble on the brakes came back again, I had to stop and see what was causing the issue. Taken the front brakes of and adjusting the brakes around didn’t seem to help it and i lost some two hours on this. The weird thing is that it was not an issue coming into Norway at all and only started to come up when I needed to climb kore and brake more frequently even when I’m engine braking. There’s a little sequence of breaking which seemed to help so ill give it another try tomorrow. For now we are parking in a secludes mount area facing a glacier.

The little cavern to the right is 3 meters high.

Missed the target of the day but there is slack in the planning so it will still be ok. i was told reactions cant be sent. I will look into it.