Day 9 off the fjords towards Trollstiggen and the coastline

The morning started with some cold wind on the car as was to be expected. It did make the effort if getting out of the warm sleeping cocoon a lot harder. Courage and spirits gathered we ventured out of the car again into the colder outside but quickly took off to take some shelter in the valley.

The descent was hard on the brakes again and yes they heated up and once more. but i was kucky to find a fresh water supply again for the cooling and it did help me get across to a nice drone spot once more where I took it out for another spin. some more footage will be in store.

In comparison the Geiranger skywalk was a waste of money comparing it with the viewpoint on Ørmesviggen. Its a much better view of the Fjord in both direction so my advice is to skip the sky-view if you want to safe on money.

Better views…

Maiking the way to Trollstiggen we had some short stop underway and when we arrived it was raining up top. Standing out in the rain to see a view was not really my pleasure that moment so I struggled downward with the many other cars and campers. It was a tight fit and clearly not everyone is used to climbing and descending traffic in a small corridor. I saw some pale faces looking at Hermes’ steel bumpers. There was a thunderous fall right across the road which was probably the reason for the congestion. But we managed to get through and I decided to skip a day part of the adventure because I had seen plenty of Fjords already. So on to the coastline but first a stop at the troll shop.

They had small and large puppets to choose from.

Coming closer to the sea, the pressuring warm atmosphere of summer n the fjords gave way to the smell of the sea and more cool breezes. Looking back at the part through the fjords, I was frequently thinking of the alps and Scotland. The mix added with the local folklore does make exploring the Fjord an adventure by itself.

Fjords are miraculous

If i had more time I most likely would have visited more of the sights and splendor that was still hidden to me. Some wonders need to stay undiscovered apparently to keep the imagination flowing. I am happy to have seen so much already and it will be a sweet memory and anticipation for the way back later when i cross them once more.

For tonight a camping in the coastal village called Bud is the landing spot. The front if Hermes is parked against wind for now and we allready had our first showers of rain and a good wifi connection so even Netflix pays part of the evening.

A last walk with the boys soon and back into the cocoon for the night heading to the Atlantic road tomorrow if weather permits.