New recap (2nd one)

And now time for the second review of the status to see how far we have gone on fuel consumption and costs again.

  • 17th July 14 days in
  • From 2353 to 3305 kms driven from departure
  • From 307 to 449 liters of diesel burned
  • From €719 to €1050 spent on diesel
  • Fuel efficiency from 1l diesel at 7,94 kms to 7,54kms
  • From €0,30 to €0,32 on the km on costs
  • Estimated end total from €2145 to €2572
  • Milestone: passed the arctic circle!

Reasons for the elevations were the brakes keep getting stuck and more uphill at the fjords with that extra resistance. I hope it will now get better with some adjustments made on the car.